Self-Employed Person Program

Canada have separate program for Self employed person to start a new life in Canada. The applicant must intend and could become self-employed in Canada in arts or athletics fields. This Self employed person could be a dancer, authors, musicians, painters, creative designer, athlete, and more.

Start Up Visa

Canada is a land of opportunities. One can Immigrate to Canada through various processes out of which a very popular way is to immigrate to Canada through a Start- UP visa.


This program is for the foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Canada by providing the caregiver Services. Every program has its own eligibilities and requirements.

Provincial Nominees

This program is for the foreign nationals who want to reside in specific province of Canada as permanent residents. Most provinces and territories in Canada can nominate immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Family Sponsorship

One of the objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is “to see that families are reunited in Canada”. Due to which about 25 to 30 percent of all the newcomers to Canada immigrate under Family Reunification programs.