Post Graduate Work Permit

As it is understood from the name, this work permit is issued to the international students who have completed their studies by complying with the requirements of their study permit from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI). The PGWP are exempt from LMIA. This is an Open work permit which allows the applicant to work anywhere in Canada for any employer without any limitations on hours. The validity of the PGWP may vary from 8 months to 3 years depending on the length of the Study program as confirmed by the eligible DLI.

The work experience gained in this period can be counted to obtain Canadian work experience which eventually open multiple opportunities to get the Permanent residency in Canada.

  • Apply with in 180 days of receiving a written confirmation of successfully completing the studies from the DLI.
  • Applicant must have not worked more than the allowed working hours while studying.
  • Applicant’s study permit is still valid at the time of application, if not, first restore the status as a student and then apply or leave Canada and apply from overseas or they may maintain their status as a visitor until they receive the Work permit.

If 120 days have passed and no decision has been made, applicant must request continued proof of authorization to work through Web Form.

Spouse or common-law partner of the PGWP holder are eligible to apply for an open work permit.

If you wish to apply for a PGWP, you should fill out our free assessment form or book a consultation session to assess your potential opportunities about the PGWP and advice accordingly. There might be an initial consultation fees applicable. Being a certified Immigration Consultants in Canada, I can help you with PGWP process to start working in Canada anywhere. If approved your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, can get a Open work permit to work in Canada. I will complete your entire application package for you, handle all correspondence with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and keep you informed throughout the entire process.


The information provided in this article is only as of a general ground. It could be no longer valid. It does not give legal advice, nor should you rely on it as legal advice. If you have specific legal questions, you should consult a Regulated Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer. If you are looking for immigration advice, You should book an appointment at your earliest convenience.